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Who should the 2nd booster shot against COVID-19? (May 2022)

MOH issued a circular on 27 Apr 2022 to recommend the 2nd booster shot for these following groups, due to their risk for severe disease and the waning of vaccine effectiveness:

- All persons aged 80 years and above,

- Persons aged 60 -79 years old who wish to be vaccinated or have underlying medical conditions

- Persons living in aged care facilities, such as nursing homes

- Medically vulnerable persons who have significant medical risk factors.

Patients are recommended to receive the mRNA vaccine (i.e. Pfizer/Moderna) or Novovax. Sinovac should be used only if persons are contraindicated to mRNA vaccines or Novovax vaccine.

Here's how you can go about making an appointment with Intemedical.

Getting your Pfizer BioNTech Vaccine at Intemedical Kovan Clinic

Before your visit - Book your appointment through and select Intemedical Clinic (Kovan) - Both doses must be taken at the same centre - Appointment times are between 1pm - 9.30pm

At your visit - Bring proof of your identification (Eg. NIRC/Passport) - Set aside about 1 hour for the visit including 30 minutes of observation time

After your vaccination - Rest and hydrate. Take medications for symptomatic relief for common side effects such as pain over the injection site or fever. If your fever lasts more than 2 days, consult a doctor. - Avoid alcohol for 2 days. Avoid vigorous exercise for 1 week.

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