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Community Health Assistance Scheme (CHAS) & Medisave-Approved Clinic

Intemedical aims to provide equal care to the community, regardless of their financial status. This is why we successfully applied to be a Community Health Assistance Scheme (CHAS)-approved clinic. This means that anyone awarded a CHAS card based on their family income, are allowed benefits and subsidies as listed below for both acute and chronic medical conditions, as well as preventive medicine (vaccines).

CHAS Subsidy - Summary Table (2019)


Being a Medisave-approved clinic as well, patients can make use of their Medisave500 scheme as part of the Chronic Disease Management Programme (CDMP), eligible vaccines, and outpatient scans, of up to $500 per Medisave account per year whenever you consult at our clinic. As long as their chronic disease falls within the CDMP 20 chronic conditions decided by the authorities. Each chronic disease outpatient claim is subjected to a co-payment of 15% of the total bill by the patient him/herself. Patients can use up to $300 a year for outpatient scans in order to aid the diagnosis of a medical condition. This does not include nor does it apply to scans done in the diagnoses of cancer. Apart from chronic conditions, it can be used to help offset the prices of Medisave-approved vaccinations (within the National Adult Immunization Schedule, and National Children Immunization Schedule). The patient’s spouse, parents, siblings’ and childrens’ Medisave accounts can be used as long as approval is obtained from the Medisave account holder.

FlexiMedisave200 is awarded to Singaporeans aged 60 and above, and can be used for both outpatient treatment, as well as for vaccinations. Spouses can use each other’s FlexiMedisave amount for medical needs as long as both are above the age of 60 and are agreeable to do so.

Being a CHAS and Medisave-approved clinic, Intemedical will be able to help defray the costs of your medical treatment, allowing you to seek the medical treatment and aid that you need and deserve, and avoid circumstances where you are split on both sides with the dilemma of seeking medical treatment versus saving money, by allowing usage of Medisave funds for certain treatments.

How to make an appointment with Intemedical?

Appointment Portal: Kovan Clinic / Potong Pasir Clinic

(click and book with instant confirmation!)

WhatsApp: 8879 9404

(available during clinic opening hours, 8am to 12am)

Mobile: 8879 9404

(messaging preferred)

Landline: +65 3165 9251

(please be aware that the phone might be engaged due to high call volume)

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