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Queue System at our clinics

Our aim at Intemedical is to be able to provide optimal patient care for all, while taking into consideration the varied needs and occasionally high volume of patients.

Here is how our clinic manages the queue.

  1. Queue priority for urgent life threatening cases Our medical staff and clinic assistants have been trained to identify and triage the appropriate cases that need immediate care. The following are some examples with queue priority but are not limited to: Acute shortness of breath, audible wheezing, stridor Acute onset chest pain Fainting spells Severe vomiting/ vomiting of blood/ blood in stools Severe allergic reaction with swelling, difficulty breathing Fits/Seizures If you have signs of a life threatening condition (eg. Severe injuries, no heart beat or breathing), please call an ambulance immediately

  2. Walk in patients -Patients are generally attended to based on time of physical registration -However, urgent walk in cases may be prioritised (see point 1) -In the event of long waiting times, patients may be advised to wait somewhere else and return nearer to their turn. Clinic assistants may facilitate this by giving the patient a call when it is approaching their turn. - last time for registration is 15 minutes before clinic closes (11.45pm) - registration may close earlier during high volume periods as we aim for our doctors and staff to finish by 12 midnight (we open early again the next day at 8!)

  3. Appointments made on our website - Appointments can only be booked in advance (at least 4 hours) and are reserved for non urgent cases (including non urgent medical consultations, LPA signing, pre departure swab tests etc.) - We will do our best to see patients within 30 minutes of their appointment time but we seek your understanding in the event of high patient volumes on a particular day

  4. Mode of communication The fastest way to reach us is via Whatsapp at our various clinics (from 8am - 10pm)

Address: 210 Hougang Street 21, #01-233, Singapore 530210

Landline: 6243 3036

Whatsapp (message only): 8879 9404

Address: 51 Upper Serangoon Rd, #01-29 The Poiz Centre, Singapore 347697

Landline: 6242 6384

WhatsApp (message only): 8022 3129

Address: 338 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 #01-1625 Singapore 560338

Landline: 6904 9579

WhatsApp (message only): 8061 6220

Address: 201E Tampines Street 23 #01-96 Singapore 527201

Landline: 6223 3803

WhatsApp (message only): 8065 0191

Stay safe and healthy!

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