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Hazy Days: How Singapore is Preparing for The Haze and Why You Should Too

Is Singapore prepared for the haze?

The Ministry of Health has a reserve of N95 masks, and is ready to release them to retail pharmacies in the event of a shortage.

There are also plans to distribute masks to low-income and vulnerable residents in the event of a severe haze episode in Singapore.

How did the haze come about?

Due to two climate phenomena- El Nino and the positive Indian Ocean Dipole.

El Nino is a weather phenomenon that brings hotter and drier conditions to Southeast Asia, while the positive Indian Ocean Dipole causes warmer sea surface temperatures in the Western Indian Ocean.

These drier and hotter conditions can result in vegetation fires, and hence increase the risk of transboundary haze in Singapore.

Should I be concerned?

Children, elderly, and people with chronic lung disease, heart disease are more sensitive to the health effects of haze. In addition, it is advised that pregnant women reduce exposure to haze for the health of their unborn baby.

How will the haze affect me and my family?

Haze particles can affect the heart and lungs, especially in people who already have chronic heart or lung disease such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), allergic rhinitis or heart failure.

Among healthy individuals, short-term exposure, such as continuous exposure to unhealthy daily average PSI levels over a period of a few days, to high levels of haze particles may cause irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat in healthy individuals.

What should I do if I experience the above symptoms?

You may book an appointment with Intemedical here at any one of our branches- Kovan, Potong Pasir, Teck Ghee or Tampines.

Intemedical offers a wide range of key services- for a more comprehensive list, you may visit our page here and reach out to us should you become affected by the haze.

Remember to stay hydrated and don a proper mask during the haze season.

Visit any of our clinics below if you need to see a doctor. All clinics are open from 8 am to 12 pm.


Landline - +65 62433036

Whatsapp - +65 88799404.

Book an appointment at Kovan

Potong Pasir

Landline - +65 6242 6384

Whatsapp - +65 80223129

Book an appointment at Potong Pasir

Teck Ghee

Landline - +65 69049579

Whatsapp +65 80616220

Book an appointment at Teck Ghee


Landline - +65 62233803

Whatsapp - +65 8065 0191.

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