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Vaccination against COVID-19

When word of the mysterious “Wuhan virus” surfaced back in December 2019, no one thought that it would change our lives forever. We did not know how widely this subsequently named COVID-19 virus would travel and how easily it would spread from one to another, and certainly no one anticipated how big an impact it would have on our daily lives.

As the virus started spreading right since the start, scientists had already started working on vaccines to help prevent the further spread of the virus. Vaccination remains a key strategy to protect us and our loved ones against COVID-19, along with safe management measures, contact tracing and testing. As more of us are vaccinated, it will become harder for the virus to spread and we will be safer as a society.

Which vaccine is available?

The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine is the only approved COVID-19 vaccine for pandemic use by HSA.

How much will it cost?

What is the Vaccination Schedule? How many doses are there?

It is meant to be administered as a series of 2 doses, 21 days or 3 weeks apart, for optimal protection.

How effective is the vaccine?

The 2-dose schedule achieved about 95% effectiveness shown in studies, as opposed to just around 52%, with only 1 dose of the vaccine.

Which populations should/ should not receive the vaccine?

It is approved for use for individuals aged 16 and above. It is currently not approved for use in pregnant women, profoundly immunosuppressed and history of anaphylaxis. Breastfeeding mother can receive vaccine but need to stop breast feeding for at least 1 week.

Individuals with past COVID-19 infection can also receive the vaccine.

What are the side effects of vaccination?

Some of the common side effects of the vaccination includes: Injection site pain, fatigue, fever, muscle aches, or headaches. These are fairly common for vaccinations and are usually self-limiting.

Vaccine recipients should be observed on-site for 15-30 minutes post vaccination in case of fainting spells or severe allergic reactions.

Will the vaccine prevent transmission?

It is important to note that vaccinated individuals can still be carriers and can still transmit the virus hence the need for continued measures like mask-wearing, early testing and safe distancing measures.

Why is the vaccine only available on an appointment basis?

As the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine can only be kept in normal fridge temperature for up to 5 days, patient scheduling will be used to minimize wastage.

How long should I wait after receiving another vaccination?

COVID-19 vaccine should be spaced away from other vaccines, for example flu vaccine, by at least 2 weeks.

What if I miss/ delay the 2nd dose of the vaccine?

If an individual missed second dose of COVID-19 vaccine (more than 21 days), there is no need to re-start the course. The second dose should be administered as soon as possible.

The vaccine takes approximately 5 weeks to achieve full immunity.

How to make an appointment with Intemedical?

Appointment Portal: Kovan Clinic / Potong Pasir Clinic

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WhatsApp: 8879 9404

(available during clinic opening hours, 8am to 12am)

Mobile: 8879 9404

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Landline: +65 3165 9251

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