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Why you need your Flu Vaccine

With the loosening of safe management restrictions as well as the new vaccinated travel lanes, respiratory infections like influenza are likely to return.

Here are some reasons why it is important to get yourself vaccinated from the flu.

1. It's difficult to differentiate the flu from COVID-19 and both could be just as deadly

Both COVID-19 and influenza (i.e. the "flu") share many similarities. Both are contagious as it could be spread through close contact to an infected person or transmitted into the air through droplets. The viruses also can be spread through touching contaminated surfaces as well. Moreover, COVID-19 and the flu share similar symptoms that affect the respiratory tract.

A small percentage of COVID-19 patients also develop other viral infections, with the most common being influenza. Both can be dangerous and life-threatening when complications develop.

2. Spike in flu cases are predicted

Infectious disease experts are predicting that the flu virus will make a resurgence when travel resumes with the vaccinated travel lanes, as the flu virus can be brought into Singapore when travellers travel to and from countries in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. In Singapore, the flu season coincides with the winter season in these countries. Hence it is a good time to get your flu vaccine now as the flu season in Singapore is usually December to February, and from May to July.

3. Bringing influenza back may be risky for vulnerable groups

If you are travelling to places where mask wearing and safe distancing is not being enforced, you are at risk in contracting the flu virus and bringing the virus back to vulnerable groups of people.

These individuals are

  • People 65 years old and above

  • People with low immunity

  • Children 5 years and younger

The risk of severe illness or even death is higher for individuals in these vulnerable groups. It is highly recommended for these individuals to get vaccinated

  • People 65 years and above

  • If you are younger than 65 years old, the flu vaccine is recommended for those with low immunity, chronic health issues or diseases.

  • Children aged 5 years and below

  • Women in second and third trimester of pregnancy

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